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Here is a picture of my father John and my Grandmother Helen Helfrich

I am old enough to know better, and have lived in a small Southwest Ohio town all of my life, (So Far).

I have a Son, Bryce. He is the Greatest! He has a Passion for Video Games and PC's just like me.
Got to Love the Technology!

I got to Love the Best Woman Ever, R.I.P. Candi Sue :-(

I've really enjoyed riding the area Bike Trails such as the Simon Kenton Trail, Buck Creek Trail, Little Miami Scenic Trail, Creekside Trail, Etc. in Southwest Ohio.

I am a Drummer, Guitarist, and Keyboardist. I've been in some Great Bands like AXE, OZONE, THRUST, and Burnt Orange. Bands that should have Made it, but, never did... Sad. Had a lot of fun though.

Some of my Favorite Bands are The Beatles, Blue Oyster Cult, Alice in Chains, Black Sabbath, Grand Funk, James Gang, Pink Floyd, Shakira, the List goes on & on...
There's just too many to count!

I like to draw and be creative in many different ways.

Woodworking is a fun hobby I have enjoyed.

I also really enjoy making Web Pages and learning CSS, HTML code & javascript. I challenge myself with learning new code as much as possible.

Camping in our woods was the best.  Camp Victor, What a great way to relax...

I worked off and on, for many years with the United States Postal Service as a Rural Carrier Associate,
until I couldn't take it anymore.
Some of my Co-Workers used to call me "Speedy".
My Dad, John Helfrich worked there 39 years and my Grandpa, James Lebkisher worked there for many years also.
I was a Postal Brat you could say.

The Story Behind My Site?

The Story is, Working with PC's has been really interesting since I started learning on Windows 3.1 in the early 90's.
It's like, as soon as I learn one OS well, they come out with a new one. Oh Well... Progress Marches On!

I obviously like Music and I also like Video Games like Super Metroid, Metroid Prime, Halo, You know, stuff like that.
I've written a lot of Songs over the years. Had a lot of fun too...Love the Music.

I hope I've made many friends and the ones I do have, I think they are really Good Friends.

I guess I really just want to share some of my Life with anyone who happens upon my Site..

Please remember to Sign my GuestBook on my Home Page at 50Megs.com!


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